Get to know me!

I'm a wedding photographer based in Staffordshire, capturing weddings across the U.K. I love photographing weddings, and being able to call it a job seems odd as it's not your typical 9 til 5. I always knew I wanted to do something with people, I've always found people-watching so interesting, so being a wedding photographer is perfect as I get to watch and capture special interactions.

I enjoyed being creative all through school, studying art and photography at GSCE and A level, so much so that I continued my education at university, graduating from Derby University with a first-class honours degree in (BA) Commercial Photography.

I have a golden labrador called Oscar so love when couples bring their pets to weddings, I know I would! I play hockey for a local team in my spare time (the little that I have!), it keeps me active without having to go for runs as I can't stand jogging! Lastly, I am your classic Gen-Z, I spend far too much time on TikTok and Instagram however at least now i can class the latter as working!

My aim as a wedding photographer is to document your wedding in the least obtrusive way possible, you should be enjoying your day with family and friends not following orders! Less interference also allows me to capture candid and authentic moments with your loved ones.

I understand lots of people hate being in front of the camera, me too, so we won't do lots of posing- unless you'd like to! It's often been said that I am a perfectionist; I strive for perfection in everything I do, even if this means spending extra time on details. Details are very important in a wedding day, I know you spend hours deciding on the little things so I make sure to capture this.

There's quite a lot to read there so I'm impressed you've got this far! Please get in touch via the contact form and we can chat.

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